It's not easy to talk with patients and clients about their weight, diet, or a physical activity. Time pressure and concerns about the reaction you may experience make addressing these issues easy to avoid.

Ready, Set, Go! 5210 Kitsap wants to help make discussing these issues easier for every clinician in Kitsap County. Below, we offer information, support and materials you can copy and use in your practice. Whether you are a physician, mid-level practitioner, dietitian, mental health counselor or other healthcare professional, you can have a strong impact on your patient's choice—or that of their family—to adopt healthier habits.


Healthcare organizations—be they doctors' offices or hospitals—can also achieve success in the 5-2-1-0 initiative simply by adopting healthy workplace practices.

As the image below illustrates, the way your facility chooses to adapt its environment for healthy choices can impact outcomes for staff, patients, and visitors. Workplace wellness programs, healthy food in meals and vending areas, and baby-friendly policies all send a message that you really mean it when you say you support a healthy lifestyle.